We offer a continuum of services to prevent harm to and heal our community.

Conflict and Crime Prevention

Community Dialogue and Mediation

We currently do not have mediation services but please call if you would like assistance with a referral.

Truancy Project

Working collaboratively with local schools and social service agencies to serve children with intervention, case management and restorative services.

Restorative Justice in Schools

Working with local schools to develop a restorative circle process as a response to conflict and support a positive school culture.

Balanced and Restorative Justice

Working collaboratively with DCF, provides youthful offenders intervention, case management, and restorative services.


Pretrial Services

Intervention for substance abuse and mental health related crime.

Court Diversion

Supports victims of crime and offenders, age 10 and up, to repair the harm, reduce recidivism and prevent a crippling criminal record for youth and first time offenders.

Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program

A substance abuse intervention program for youth ages 16-21.

Driving with License Suspended

A Program that helps people who cannot legally drive to get their license reinstated and pay off fees and fines.


Restorative Justice Panels

Supports victims of crime and juvenile and adult offenders through a Restorative Justice process to repair the harm and reduce recidivism.

Safe Driving

A Restoritive Justice Center led course to address DUI and distracted driving offenses.

Parallel Justice

Provides immediate outreach, support and compassion to victims of crime.

Offender Re-entry

Circle of Support and Accountability

Provides transitional housing, case management and a team of trained community volunteers to reentering offenders.

Transitional Housing

Provides transitional housing, case management and restorative processes to reentering offenders.

Employment Services

Employment specialist works with individuals under Probation & Parole supervision on job training, coaching, and placement services.

Vocational Services/One Stop

Workforce Development Specialist works with both incarcerated individuals and those within the community under Department of Corrections supervision; identifying and addressing barriers to employment and  providing case management supports.