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Our Mission:

Dedicated to Accountability, Fairness, Respect and Compassion.

The Franklin Grand Isle Restorative Justice Center is an organization serving both Franklin and Grand Isle Counties in Vermont. FGIRJC provides highly successful restorative justice programs, effective education, prevention resources and valuable intervention services. We are guided by restorative principles creating opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to prevent and address harm and build a safe and inclusive community. FGIRJC's community-based programs empower individuals to grow from their experiences, acquire new skills, make amends to those affected, contribute to their community, and mend the harm they've caused. Our comprehensive programs provide diverse support services, adapting to the evolving needs of participants, victims, and the community we serve.

At the heart of our center is a dedicated team comprising an Executive Director, nine dynamic staff members, eight esteemed advisory board members, and close to 50 passionate community volunteers actively engaged in serving on the agency’s diverse restorative justice panels.

FGIRJC is an active member of the Vermont Association of Court Diversion Programs and the Community Justice Network of Vermont. The Franklin Grand Isle Restorative Justice Center is also an entity of The City of Saint AlbansWe are also committed to racial justice. Please read our statement of solidarity with other Vermont Restorative Justice Centers HERE.

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