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Circles of Support and Accountability, COSA


COSA is a community-driven process aiming to increase community safety.  Teams of 3-5 volunteers meet for one hour weekly with a Core Member (the person returning to the community from prison) and a Reentry staff member from FGIRJC.  Over the course of a year, the team builds mutual relationships that balance support and accountability.  We give encouragement and celebrate successes as the Core Member works toward meeting their goals.  We talk through risks and challenges with the central aim of No More Victims. 

Core Members often lack solid, healthy community supports.  COSA volunteers step in to build consistent, healthy relationships with consistent, healthy boundaries.  These relationships can make the difference between a person returning to prison or successfully staying in the community.  If you’re interested in volunteering to help someone rejoin our community safely, please CLICK HERE!

If you know of someone interested in having a COSA team through their re-entry process please contact Courtney Whittemore via phone at (802)-393-3986 or email at

For more information for individuals who are incarcerated about COSA services, see this brochure (link here).  Please print in black and white if you would like to mail the brochure to someone who is incarcerated.


For an Agency of Human Resources website with information on COSA, including a great documentary you can watch for free, click HERE


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