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Victim Services

What Does A Victim Coordinator Do?


Our Victim Services Coordinator provides information, opportunity, and support to those who have been affected and or impacted by a crime. We provide information regarding the transfer of the case to our program and provide options for the affected party to participate in whatever capacity best fits their needs. We offer opportunity for affected parties to share their experience in a safe and comfortable environment. Our advocate will support and accompany the affect party throughout the Restorative Justice Program process and keep them updated on information in regards to date and times, meetings, and whether participants are successful or non successful in the process. 

The Victim’s Coordinator will also assess and aide in connecting clients with available resources and identify gaps in service.

They offer emotional support, victims’ rights information, help in finding needed resources, and assistance in filling out crime victim related forms. Our advocate works closely with Vermont Victim's Compensation Program to help affected parties recover financially after a crime. 

How Our Coordinator Works with Victims


Our coordinator will reach out to all identified parties and inform them of the responsible parties referral to our program(s). We provide all necessary information regarding our processes, victims rights, and available opportunities for participation. We tailor our processes to each affected parties needs and levels of support. Affected parties are given multiple choices of how they want, or don't want, to proceed in the restorative process. 


Our victim coordinator will meet one on one with affected parties to ensure their voice is heard and all impacts of the crime are documented. If an affected party desires an opportunity to meet with the responsible party, victim coordinators work together with Case Managers to facilitate the right restorative process for all individuals. During the restorative process we ensure complete confidentiality and ask all participants to do the same. 


If You Are a Victim

Please take a look at the forms below and fill out the appropriate ones regarding your case. Send your forms to: Gabrielle Martin, Coordinator of Victim Services 

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