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Victim Services

Our Victim Services Coordinator provides support to those who have been affected by crime by allowing each and every identified affected party to have a voice and choice to be heard within the Restorative Justice Process.  We will provide all victims with the necessary information and opportunity to meet with those who committed the crime, describe the impact and aim towards repairing the harm they’ve experienced.

The Victim’s Coordinator will also assess and aide in connecting clients with available resources and identify gaps in service.

In certain instances, we are able to provide limited financial assistance to those affected by crime albeit when no direct responsible party is identified. 


What Does A Victim Coordinator Do?

Victim Coordinators are trained to support victims of crime. They offer emotional support, victims’ rights information, help in finding needed resources and assistance in filling out crime victim related forms. Our Staff frequently accompanies victims through the Restorative Justice Program process.  We work with other organizations, such as criminal justice or social service agencies, to get help or information for the victims we serve.


Coordinator services include:

  • Emotional support

  • Resources and referrals

  • Information on victimization

  • Assistance with Crime Victims Compensation and Restitution application

  • Information on legal rights and protections

  • Assist victims in submitting Impact Statements to the Restorative Program Process


Our victim coordinators have specialized training that prepare them to assist victims. All of our coordinators receive ongoing training surrounding crime victims and their needs.

How Our Coordinator Works with Victims


Our coordinator offers victims information about the different options available to them and support victims’ decision making. Our staff is committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of confidentiality in their communication with victims.

If You are a Victim:


Please take a look at the forms below and fill out the appropriate ones regarding your case. Send your forms to: Alicia Kane, Coordinator of Victim Services 

You may also save files and upload them below. 

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