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Youth Services

FGIRJC’s Youth Program provides support for youth ages 10-22 at all stages of involvement with the justice system, ranging from prevention work with at-risk youth, to restorative processes with youth diverted from the court system, to reparative work with youth currently involved with the justice system. We offer varying levels of support to all youth based on individual needs and risk levels. We are a judgement-free zone, helping youth to take accountability and make behavior changes while striving to support the client as a whole person.

For more information see below or contact our Youth Justice Case Manager Saorla Stout at 802-923-9113 or


Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ)


The Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) program is a collaborative effort with Vermont’s Department for Children and Families that seeks to provide support to young people who are at risk of criminal justice involvement or currently involved with the juvenile justice system. The BARJ program engages with youth at all points of the juvenile justice involvement, from preventative work, through court involvement and community supervision, to completion of reparative work and moving forward as positive members of the community. 

The services we provide each youth in BARJ varies based on their level of risk and need. Services we provide can include but not limited to:

  • One on one Check Ins

    • Formulate and pursue goals

    • Understand and manage behavior
    • Repair harm and rebuild relationships
    • Prosocial activities
    • Navigate challenges at home, in school, and in the community
    • Connect with peers in positive settings
    • Successfully navigate juvenile justice involvement 
  • Restorative Panels and Circles

  • Skills Sessions: FGIRJC’s BARJ program engages youth in sessions designed to build skill and awareness related to a variety of life skills, such as self-regulation, accountability, goal-setting and change, healthy relationships, substance use, and peer pressure.

  • Risk Screening: FGIRJC’s BARJ program administers the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI) prescreen. This tool is used to better understand whether youth are at risk for further involvement in the juvenile justice system and what aspects of a youth’s life might be contributing that risk

Juvenile Court Diversion

FGIRJC joins with youth, families, victims and the community to provide restorative responses to Franklin and Grand Isle Family Court cases that are referred to Juvenile Court Diversion. FGIRJC staff work with young people who have engaged in harmful behavior to support them in taking accountability and addressing the impact of their actions. Youth and their families collaborate with staff, victims and community members through Restorative Panels and Restorative Circle processes to develop consensus on how to effectively repair damage and move forward in a positive manner.

Youth Substance Awareness Safety Program

The YSASP program is a civil diversion program for youth ages 16-20 who receive citations for underage alcohol, cannabis, and buprenorphine violations. The program is facilitated by FGIRJC’s youth team for those who receive citations within Franklin & Grand Isle counties. Youth receive education on the dangers of underage substance use, and their needs related to substance use are explored through engagement with staff and completion of a screening. Resources are provided based on the results of that process. If participants choose not to participate or do not complete the program requirements, their citations are removed from the Youth Substance Awareness Safety Program process and issued to the Vermont Judicial Bureau.

If you are a youth who recently received a Notice of Violation from law enforcement for an alcohol, cannabis, or buprenorphine violation, please call or email Saorla within 15 days of receiving the notice at

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