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Success Stories

Staff Success Stories

"I had a community client who was employed by several different companies through a temp agency, but had a hard time finding the right fit. He was interested in helping others, but his background and current education status did not meet the needs of many positions he was interested in. This client enrolled in Vermont Adult Learning and also partook in services provided by Vermont Associates for Training & Development. While working on his high school diploma and learning new computer skills, the client found an opportunity to volunteer at the local emergency shelter. This volunteer opportunity transitioned to a job offer after the client showed off his skills of kindness, caring, and organization. I also want to note that this client was from out of state and struggling with housing. Michelle was able to help the client find permanent housing and from what the client shares, it sounds like he has created a supportive community around him."

"[A client] was referred to BARJ for a case where he broke into what he and his friend thought was an abandoned building.  He was not charged, but was required to complete a restorative panel.  Due to their being no court involvement, he was not meeting deadlines and the process went on for a long duration of time with little engagement.  His case manager then suggested that he start meeting for weekly classes and check-ins.  In the beginning, [the client] was very quiet and meek, however, he began to come out of his shell a bit and fully engage in the classes.  A few weeks into the check-ins, [the client] shared that he was a guitar player and a drummer.  The case manager invited him to bring his guitar to the next session.  In the spirit of rapport-building, [the client] played his guitar while the case manager sang and they developed a bond around music.  [The client] continued to open up more and more to his case manager and even invited her to one of his performances where he would be playing the drums for his band.  The case manager attended his show and cheered him on.  [The client] was excited that she had come and came in the next week talking about the show.  He then asked if they could watch a short YouTube video, which he related to the internet safety class he had recently taken with his case manager. [The client] continues to engage weekly and is very interactive with his case manager.  He also enjoys discussing all the new things he is learning in the classes.  It has been wonderful to watch [this client] grow from a shy, quiet child, into a confident, engaging young man!"

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