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One Stop 

Community Vocational Support

The Franklin Grand Isle Restorative Justice Center’s One Stop program provides service navigation, workforce development, employment consultant/placement, and educational services to clients under the supervision of the Vermont Department of Corrections that have recently been released from incarceration, currently under supervision or have a history of being under supervision. The One Stop program works to identify the barriers participants may encounter when finding and maintaining long term employment and works to eliminate these barriers while working towards self identified career goals. This is achieved through working with participants to develop interpersonal communication skills, self regulation tactics and employment mediation services through advocacy with local area employers. Our staff outreaches locally to employers to develop partnerships and opportunities for our clients, while supporting individuals throughout their employment placement. Participants will meet with their Vocational Specialist regularly to develop their individualized employment plan, be connected with local vocational resources, and move towards financial independence/stability through successful employment. Participants learn skills on resume building, interview etiquette and workplace communication. The program offers techniques that are often only learned through employment longevity. For access to this program and its resources please contact Rebecca at

Community Housing Support:


Another service provided by Franklin Grand Isle Restorative Justice Center is to work with individuals in the community who have present or past DOC involvement and are experiencing housing instability is Community Housing Support.  This could include working with individuals to apply to programs to find affordable housing. Ie Section 8, Champlain Housing Trust, subsidized housing, market rate, etc.  These services can include performing case management activities, monitoring, service development, apartment searching, eligibility determinations and re-examinations for any vouchers granted through Federal Subsidized programs. Staff generate and develop interest in program participation by working with partnering service providers and then connecting clients to these supports. Ie 3 Squares, insurance, employment, COSA.  Our Outreach specialist works diligently to develop positive relationships with area landlords in order to support them and their tenants, they can perform yearly re-exams and interim reports for homeowners on Federally Subsidized programs through ongoing housing supportive management.

For more information about Community Housing Support please contact Michelle Lombard at

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