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Driving with License Suspended Program (DLS)

The Civil DLS Diversion Program is designed to help participants regain their driver’s license. Participants work with a DLS Case Manager to develop a contract of the necessary steps that might sometimes include a payment plan.

Not everyone is eligible for this program. Participants whose current suspension is a result of a DUI or certain other serious offenses are not eligible for this program. If a participant is currently under suspension for any reason other than failure to pay fines, they must serve out the suspension before they will be allowed to drive again.

If you believe that you may be eligible for this program, you will be asked to provide your name, and date of birth.  The DLS case manager will then contact the DMV and the Vermont Judicial Bureau to find out how much you owe and if there are any requirements that you must complete in order to be re-instated by the DMV. These requirements may include; a road test, obtaining SR-22 auto insurance, taking care of any traffic fines owed to other states, etc. These requirements must also be met before the person’s driver’s license is re-instated.

After the information is gathered the participant will meet with the DLS Case Manager. In this meeting, the Court Diversion representative will go over the participants financial situation and what is required for license reinstatement. In this meeting, the Court Diversion representative will go over how much money the participant owes to the Vermont Judicial Bureau for unpaid fines, and will discuss options for paying those fines off. Participants are also required to pay a program fee of $175.

In the Circumstance that a participant qualifies financially for a reduction in fines, and the fines are allowed to be reduced a motion is then submitted to the Vermont Judicial Bureau (VJB) for review. Upon approval by VJB Hearing Officer, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is notified that the participant is in compliance with the VJB. The participant will then be required to complete any DMV re-instatement requirements. Upon completion of these requirements, the DMV will issue the participant a letter informing them that their driver's license has been re-instated. As long as the participant keeps making the agreed upon payments, they will be allowed to drive.

If the participant fails to make a payment, the Court Diversion representative will notify the Vermont Judicial Bureau and they will then in turn notify the DMV that the participant's license should be suspended.

If a participant successfully completes the program all past civil DLS violations will not count toward more serious criminal charges.

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